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  • Network for Greening the Financial System Reports on Nature-Related Risks

    July 2, 2024
    The Network for Greening the Financial System has published two complementary reports on nature-related risks. The first report is the final version of the Conceptual Framework for nature-related financial risks, which aims to guide policies and action by central banks and financial supervisors. The aim of the framework is to create a common science-based understanding of, and language for, nature-related financial risks among NGFS members that provides greater clarity on the meaning of key concepts and the way these interrelate. The report includes two illustrative cases, which demonstrate how this framework can be applied in practice. The NGFS encourages central banks and supervisors to identify, assess and, where relevant, act on material economic and financial risks stemming from dependencies and impacts on nature and their nexus with climate change. The second report outlines the key emerging trends related to nature-related litigation, including cases concerning biodiversity loss, deforestation, ocean degradation, carbon sinks and plastic pollution. This report argues that nature-related legal actions will likely evolve and grow, taking inspiration from successful climate-related litigation cases, and benefiting from an increasing awareness of the nature crisis. The NGFS considers that, in the coming years, two key categories of nature-related litigation might be expected to develop in particular: (i) an increase in the number of rights-based nature cases against states and public entities; and (ii) an increase in the number of cases based on corporate responsibility. The NGFS encourages central banks, supervisors and financial institutions to closely monitor developments in nature-related litigation.

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