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  • UK Financial Conduct Authority Policy Statement on Implementing the Overseas Funds Regime

    July 17, 2024
    The Financial Conduct Authority has published a policy statement on its implementation of the Overseas Funds Regime. The OFR will be a new gateway through which certain collective investment schemes, domiciled in jurisdictions deemed to be equivalent by the Government, will be able to market to U.K. retail investors upon recognition by the FCA. The final policy sets out (i) the information that OFR fund operators will need to submit as part of the recognition process; (ii) ongoing change notification requirements for OFR funds; (iii) disclosure requirements for OFR funds to inform investors about compensation and dispute resolution schemes; and (iv) procedures for suspending and revoking recognition of an OFR fund or censuring its operator or depositary.

    Following consultation feedback to CP23/26, the FCA has made changes to the final policy, including: (a) removing the proposed 30-day period between notifying the FCA of changes to OFR funds and when those changes could take effect in the U.K.; (b) providing further explanation and clarification as to which categories of changes should be notified; (c) including guidance relating to additional information in disclosures for fund prospectus' and point of sale information; and (d) clarified which U.K. fund prospectus requirements apply to OFR funds. The final rules will come into force on July 31, 2024. The OFR gateway is expected to open later this year. The FCA advises operators with funds currently in the Temporary Permissions Regime to check their landing slot on the FCA website for details of when they can apply for OFR recognition.

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